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PLANNED EVENTS: (Check with sponsoring club in case of cancellation.) 
August 13: Linden Community Blood Drive - Linden Lions  
August 21-23: Council of Governors, so it's a great opportunity to "rub virtual elbows" with Multiple District leaders. We're asking for volunteers from our District 4-A1 clubs. Contact DG Marilyn Richardson. 
August 22: 100th Anniversary Celebration - Stockton Host Lions 
August 28: Shrimp-To-Go Feed - Linden Lions - Click HERE for flyer 
August 29: District 4-A1 Meeting - Click HERE for Agenda. Contact your Zone Chairperson for video-conferencing sign-in information. 
September 11: Golf Tournament - Stockton Host Lions  
September 19: Camp Pacifica Forum - Click HERE 
October 3: Work Project with Love Modesto - Modesto 500 Lions 
October 9-10: District 4-A1's Convention Celebration - St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Modesto - Click HERE 
October 22-25: Council of Governors Meeting - Redding 
October 31: District Meeting 
February 13, 2021: District Meeting 
April 22-25, 2021: District 4-A1 Meeting & Convention - Black Oak Casino in Tuolumne CA